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The Aaqitauvik Healing Centre also offers services to equip and train people in basic counseling, and to help to improve counseling skills and apply practical principles when counseling. Our goal is to equip and train who have a heart to help Inuit.

Main goals of the Training Program and Courses are:

 to equip and train front line workers the basic counseling skills;

 to improve counseling skills and apply practical principles in counseling;

 to equip, train and release individuals who have a heart to help their fellow Inuit;

 to continue the hands on training and development of Inuit healing and support counseling services in Inuit communities;

 to continue the development and make available Inuit healing resources in the language of our people in Inuit communities;

This school contains the following topics:

  • Relationships (General)
  • Relationship  Bonds
  • Destructive Behavior
  • 3 Questions that Shape Identity
  • Resentments & Letting Go 
  • The Devastating Effects of Abuse
  • Sex and Sexuality/Sexual Abuse
  • Severe Childhood Trauma
  • Dealing with Trauma
  • Consequences of Unhealthy Parenting
  • Power of Healthy Parenting
  • Living Free of Fear
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Consequences of Violence and Aggression
  • Recognizing Shame
  • The Power Positive Words
  • The Power of Negative Words
  • Walking In Freedom and Setting Boundaries
  • Nurturing the Human Nature
  • Emotional Damage and the Consequences
  • Guidelines for Counseling

Further information on the training programs and courses we offer for the frontline workers are:

1. Healthy People – Healthy Relationships: Explores what emotional and spiritual health looks like by looking at Spiritual original intent for human relationships, with themselves, and with each other.

2. Unhealthy People – Toxic Relationships: Explores the results when damage occurs in our lives and what that does to who we are, how we see ourselves and how we relate to other people – guilt, shame, fear, broken relationships, loss of value and worth.

3. Legitimate Needs – Illegitimate Means: Looks at how we try to cope with and compensate for our damaged personalities. Includes topics such as masking, shame, domination, manipulation, control, selfishness, performance orientation, medicating, and blame-shifting, etc. Basically we’re looking at the self-centered life.

4. Understanding the Restoration Process: How can we be restored after suffering damage and walking in damaging ways.

5. Owning Your Own Stuff: What to do when you’ve gotten it wrong. Includes understanding what true admitting and acknowledgement really means and what it accomplishes.

6. Releasing Others (Forgiveness): Looks at how extending forgiveness sets us free from the past and what has been done to us. Looks at how to restore relationships to start anew.

7. Breaking Negative Relationship Ties: Learning how to free ourselves from the negative emotions that tie us to those who have offended us or whom we have offended.

8. Trans-generational Behavioral Patterns: Studies how the behavior patterns of previous generations will impact our lives and how to get from the negative behaviors and their consequences in our lives.

9. Freedom from Anger: How to handle anger in a healthy, productive way, rather than allowing it to produce a variety of negative effects in our lives.

10. Freedom from Fear: While some fear is reasonable and positive as it helps to keep us safe from real, harmful dangers, other fears are not. Those fears will unfortunately cripple our lives and hold us back from making progress we may otherwise achieve. Learn how to tell the difference and what to do with the fear that is not realistic or helpful.

11. Deeply Rooted Behaviour Patterns: Looks at how we become dominated by unhelpful thought patterns, negative emotions, and behavior cycles. Includes a look at freedom from addictions and self-destructive processes.

12. Self-awareness (Restoration of identity): Life has a way of piling up on us and weighing us down, especially in the area of how we see ourselves. Often our self-concept is skewed by what we have experienced, rather than by who we really are. This course will teach you to lay aside the negative and lay hold of positive self-esteem.

13. From Life-stealing to Life-giving Relationships: Understand how negative interactions will steal away your ability to prosper and live well, while others will provide strength and encouragement to go on to a better life. Learn to minimize the negative impact of the harmful words, attitudes and actions of others and build relationships that will enable growth and freedom.

14. Recovery from Trauma and Abuse: What can be done to help someone who has suffered trauma or abuse? Healing and freedom from the past is possible. It does not need to be a person’s ‘defining moment.’

15. Confrontation, Peace-making and Reconciliation: How to deal with those who have hurt you or continue to do so. Personal boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships to exist. Learning how to establish your boundaries and express them effectively will enable you to move back into healthy relationships.

16. Communication Skills: Learn how to express yourself in ways that will enhance your relationships through appropriate levels of vulnerability and transparency. Improving your communication skills will provide opportunity for stronger, healthier relationships with your partner, your children, and other social relationships.

17. Magnificent Marriage: Can one side of the marriage relationship really do anything to improve the marriage? Absolutely. Learn how to ignite the sparks of intimacy, transparency and passion.

18. Brokenness – (Understanding Dissociation): A brief overview of Dissociative Identity Disorder with a list of do’s and don’ts when dealing with someone who has been fragmented by life. Restoration and wholeness is possible when discernment, dignity and restoration are offered to the wounded.

19. Freedom from Occult Experiences and their Ongoing Effects (Deliverance Ministry): Often involvement in the occult brings long-term devastation, especially for those who are used and abused in the name of religion. This course teaches those who have been abused spiritually, emotionally or physically by others who practice the occult how they can be free and how to help others to gain their freedom as well.

20. The Process of Helping Others (Inner Healing Process) This is a step by step overview of how someone on their recovery journey can also help those in need of healing and recovery.