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Prison Visits and Ministry

AHC offer and extend their services to prison institutions. Inmates that are interested in participating the healing sessions are encouraged to attend. Listed are below are some of the topics covered in healing sessions:

a)  Life’s Hurts, Un-dealt Issues, Shock and Trauma

b)  Emotional Damage and its Consequences

c)  Dealing with Trauma and Healing from Trauma

d)  Consequences of Violence and Aggression

e)  Consequences of unhealthy parenting

f)  Grieving Process

g)  The Devastating effects of abuse, physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

These teachings are so vital for they help differentiate the main root issues that can cause people to end up in prison and/or cause other form of devastating tragedies and affects all walks of life.

We cannot stress enough the importance of connecting and working with prison officials, organizations and communities in the healing and wellness field to discuss how we can integrate the work we do to each of the institutions and/or establishments and or organizations. We are willing to discuss any questions, logistics etc. you may have about the services we offer and to clarify any questions in areas of healing workshops.