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Building Men of Character (Inuit men, fathers, grandfathers)

It has been said, “this world is full of little boys trying to become
men.” For centuries, the identity of man has been defined by his
strength, mind and performance. Cultural stereotypes greatly influence
one’s own perception of what he as a man should be, how he should act
and how he should look.  Often, this image is impossible to attain or
maintain, causing many men to struggle with their male identity and
creating a sense of personal inadequacy.  Manhood is not simply rooted
in performance, strength or agility, but at its core involves the
quality, integrity and characteristics of heart that make a true man.
This seminar is designed to bring freedom to men from the influence of
unhealthy cultural images of manhood and help transform the hearts of
men in order to release husbands, fathers, leaders and individuals of
integrity to lead families, communities and positively influence
society as a whole.

Workshop Agenda (may change):

a)  Introduction and Welcome by President of AHC Mrs. Eva Deer
b) Speakers
c) preparations of group sessions
d) Teachings by Speakers
e) Heart Issues
f) Challenges of roles in fathering and spouse
g) Destiny, Future, blessings
h) Debrief and activities-evening celebrations
I) One on One counseling

 *some topics covered; Life’s Hurts, Un-dealt Issues, Shock and Trauma,
Emotional Damage and its Consequences, Dealing with Trauma and Healing
from Trauma, Consequences of Violence and Aggression, Consequences of
unhealthy parenting, Grieving Process, The Devastating effects of
abuse, physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.