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Building Women of Destiny    (Inuit women, mothers, grandmothers)

As with men, cultural stereotypes shape the perception of not only how
women should look, but how they should live their lives. Many women
live life struggling with a sense of the loss of their individualism.
They often feel that the desires of their own hearts are overlooked
and that their personal dreams and aspirations seem distant and
unattainable. Women often feel they live their lives for others and
become lost in the process. Every woman has come into life with a
beautiful uniqueness of self, intended to be released into the life
circumstances in which they have been placed.  When that ability to be
all that they are intended to be is lost, personal purpose and meaning
is lost as well.  Many women find themselves seeking out other avenues
of escape to bring a sense of value and purpose to life. This seminar
is designed to help women discover their true identity by bringing
healing to the wounds caused by stifling pressures and societal

Workshop Agenda (may change):

a) Introduction and Welcome by President of AHC Mrs. Eva Deer
b) Teachings by Speakers
c) Heart Issues
d) Purpose and identity
e) Destiny
f)  Debrief and activities-evening celebrations
g) One on One counseling

 *some topics covered; Life’s Hurts, Un-dealt Issues, Shock and Trauma,
Emotional Damage and its Consequences, Dealing with Trauma and Healing
from Trauma, Consequences of Violence and Aggression, Consequences of
unhealthy parenting, Grieving Process, The Devastating effects of
abuse, physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.