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Identity Transformation (Youth)

Personal identity is shaped through family, culture, life experiences
and relationships.  Throughout life, the individual is confronted with
the fundamental questions of being:  “Who am I?  What is my purpose?
What does my life mean?”  These questions relate to one’s self worth,
identity, purpose and destiny.  Many endure a life characterized by a
cycle of despair and defeat, along with a haunting sense of not being
able to attain personal fulfillment. This seminar will look closely at
what shapes personal identity along with what sabotages the ability to
experience a sense of personal purpose and destiny.  It will provide a
foundational platform to help the individual understand the crisis of
identity they are experiencing and bring about transformational change
as a result.

Workshop Agenda (subject to change):
a) Introduction and Welcome by President of AHC Mrs. Eva Deer
b) Identity Formation
c) History of Inuit, effects of past
d) Where are we and what can we do about the problems youth face today?
e) How can we transform and start to create positive changes in the present?
f)  Debrief and activities-evening celebrations
g) One on one counseling sessions all day

Five (5) days plus two (2) days travel, dates to be determined.

*Some topics covered: Life’s Hurts, Unresolved Issues, Shock and Trauma,
Emotional Damage and its Consequences, Dealing with Trauma and Healing
from Trauma, Consequences of Violence and Aggression, Consequences of
Unhealthy Parenting, Grieving Process, The Devastating Effects of
Abuse - physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.