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For 6 years the Aaqitauvik Healing Centre (AHC) has provided quality workshops and training to the Inuit population of Nunavik.  AHC is the only comprehensive service of its kind in the region in relation to healing from past and present traumatic experiences for Inuit  from across Northern Quebec and the rest of Canada.

The Aaqitauvik Healing Centre is a non-profit local, regional and national  centre whose principal mission is to promote, develop and enhance the quality of life in Inuit communities.  AHC bridges the gap between 2 cultures, serves the Inuit population consisting of the 14 municipalities in Northern Quebec, as well as other parts of Canada. 

The Centre is mandated to assist Inuit who have experienced different forms of trauma and to improve the quality of life of the Inuit by providing access to services and appropriate programs where healing can occur.  Through its' programs, activities and services the AHC aims to uplift the quality of life of the Inuit of Nunavik, as well as those in other provinces and territories.